3 Phases of Wall Preparation for Interior House Painting

Clean It, Fix It, Prime It!

Interior house painting is tricky work. For the best outcome, you must start with the best practices. This means effectively preparing the walls you want to be painted over. Gathered here below are several tips that would greatly help you on your next painting project. Wall preparation before painting has three parts: cleaning, fixing, and priming.

Cleaning the Walls

The paint does not adhere very well to a dirty surface. Dust, dirt, and grime must all be removed. This could mean dealing with that sticky kitchen grease, cigarette smoke residue, or hard water mineral deposits. Nevertheless, this could be completed with warm water, a scrubby sponge, and the right cleaning product (degreasers for grease, mold remover for molds, and an all-purpose cleaner for the rest). Do not forget the trim and moldings. For ceilings, you may attach the sponge to telescoping or long-handled sticks for extra length.

Fixing It

Apply the fillers and sand them after. Appliances, furniture, and fixtures could leave dents or holes in your walls. Apply spackling paste and sand it with 220-grit sandpaper in a circular motion after it dries.

Finally, the Primer

Primer is very important, especially when you are working on drywall or in areas prone to stains and where the temperature is humid. Drywalls are naturally porous, and primers will help to stop the paint from bleeding through, which results in uneven coverage and coloration. Also, humid areas make paint bubble, peel, and crack. Always choose a high-quality primer for rooms that experience varying temperature levels.

It is always good to follow the right steps when doing any project. Paint’s susceptibility to contaminants on surfaces affecting its finish and output is especially important, requiring that you start with the right steps. Hiring a professional, on the other hand, could cover all of these bases for you. For quality interior house painting services in the San Antonio, TX area, contact Jas Home Restorations. Call us today at (210) 601-5574.

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